Project Venture

Project Venture is a Positive Youth Development approach, with a unique culturally-based group development process and does not focus on deficits, but on the positive behaviors and healthy lifestyles that we want young people to choose. Project Venture is a year long sequence of challenges and growth opportunities, implemented in-school, out of school, weekends, multi-day trips and summer camps. NIYLP has a curriculum, with lesson plans and learning outcomes identified.

Project Venture incorporates the best of the values and customs common to indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, as well as the most effective ideas from the science-based world of prevention research and youth development. Project Venture represents our best effort to strike a balance between traditional wisdom and research and prevention practice. Our work incorporates outdoor adventure and challenge, actively engaging youth in developing life skills, while reinforcing traditional indigenous values regarding family, community, service and appreciation for the magic of the natural world.

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